Mechanical stage equipment, manufactured by Rob Young and his team at DWR Distribution, is about to be shipped off to a theatre outside South Africa.

The order consists of three Pile Wind Hoists, pulley sets and 8 metre long stage bars which can haul up to 400kg and four Point Hoists with pulley sets which in this case will be used to lift chandeliers but are manufactured to lift any item up to 150kg.

“These products have been totally locally designed and built in DWR’s office in Laserpark, Honeydew’ said Rob Young. The units include electronic control units developed in the DWR Electronic Workshop by Rob Young, Derek Kruger and Bruce Riley.

In this industry, safety is imperative and the units are designed with the safety aspect of 10:1.

“Local manufacture of these products means that, not only is there a cost saving but, we can also give quicker delivery,’ said Rob.

With years of experience in his field, it’s all in a days’ work for Young!