Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced the availability of the RADIUS
RSX12M stage monitor. The RSX12M adds to the RADIUS line of loudspeakers,
which was introduced mid-2016.

“The RSX12M brings even more value to the RADIUS family,’ explains Adam
Shulman, director of marketing and application engineering. “The addition of a
dedicated floor monitor model takes the family even further in terms of delivering
an integrated, complete solution. Now customers can deploy a comprehensive
system comprised entirely of RADIUS components, including mains, fills,
subwoofers and monitors.’

The RSX12M is equipped with onboard bi-amplified electronics (500W per channel)
featuring technologies such as Focusing™ and DynO™ for a pristine impulse
response at any output level. A 12-inch vented cone with 2.5-inch voice coil drives
the low end while a 1 x 1-inch exit, 1.77-inch voice coil compression driver handles
HF, oriented in a coaxial configuration. The RSX12M offers a uniform coverage
pattern of 105 x 105 degrees. Additionally, system latency is a remarkably low 2.6
milliseconds for excellent transparency in vocal monitoring applications.

Available via iTunes for free, EAWMosaic delivers system prediction, control and
monitoring of the entire RADIUS system, including the RSX12M, within a single
application running on an iPad. Four predefined voicings provide a variety of tonal
starting points that accommodate most applications. Integrated Dante™ networking
(with loop-thru) coupled with EAW’s renowned sonic performance, acoustic design
and DSP, allows RADIUS to deliver an intelligent and flexible system that fits any
application and budget.