Attracting more than 900,000 visitors and 1000 exhibitors, the IAA Commercial
Vehicles Show is the leading international trade fair for transport and logistics. At
the 66th IAA, held recently in Hanover, Germany, an 11,000 square metre
exhibition space was the stage for an impressive presentation from the biggest
manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world, the Daimler Group. Several
brands from Daimler’s successful portfolio were represented, including Mercedes-
Benz, Fuso and Setra. A carefully selected combination of 650 ETC Source Four®
fixtures illuminated the dedicated Daimler area, and the 70+ trucks, vans and buses
displayed within it.

The magnificent Daimler exhibition space incorporated two stages, three distinct
brand worlds and a striking “media ring’ that stood a staggering 90 metres wide by
3.5 metres high. PRG was appointed as technical service provider, while rgb GmbH
was entrusted with the planning and implementation of the lighting solution.
Daimler’s guiding principle in the planning of the exhibition space was high visibility
of its products and technologies in a communicative atmosphere. “This resulted in
quite diverse requirements: precise illumination of the vehicles and exhibits with
appropriate lighting levels, exclusive use of luminaires providing the highest quality
of light, and the deliberate creation of zones of different light intensities,” says Dirk
Feuerstein, Managing Director of rgb GmbH.

For the lighting of technical exhibits, display plinths and service counter, 200 ETC
Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD fixtures were installed. To assimilate the
“lines of communication’ stand concept, and to provide homogenous illumination,
more than 80 of the units were fitted with Fresnel adapters. This covered the entire
exhibition space, where numerous exhibits demonstrating the latest developments
in the fields of automotive and transport logistics were on display. Feuerstein says:
“Thanks to the x7 Colour System of the ETC LED fixtures, we could adjust the colour
temperature perfectly for the contrasting floor designs of the different areas.”

The ETC LED fixtures were selected for both their energy efficiency and quality of
light produced. “The high quality of light and the strength of the ETC products –
especially in the area around 5,600K – gave us the opportunity to renounce classic
daylight lamps in many areas of the trade fair exhibition lighting,” adds Feuerstein.
“The quality of light generated by the ETC LED fixtures perfectly complemented the
vehicles on display.”

Additional lighting consisted of 300 tungsten Source Four PARs, 60 Source Four PARs
with CDM bulbs, and 30 conventional Source Four profile spot lights. The mix of
different luminaires delivered an immaculate result. Feuerstein concludes: “With
this combination of ETC fixtures, we were able to highlight the colours of the
vehicles perfectly. Our clients were very happy with the finished result.”