When experiential event production agency, Media Apparat took on the technical
aspects of Pioneers Festival in June 2015, the unique multimedia control and display
capabilities of AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Stage and Fullwhite screens were used to
their full capability.

“The prestigious annual festival at Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, Austria
brought together the smartest start-ups, corporate, media and investors in one
place, eager to support the next big thing,’ says Andreas Goltl, Managing Director
at Media Apparat. “The event happens every year and our task was to make
Pioneers Festival a stunning event experience to remember. It’s the type of event
that gets a lot of business interest and press internationally and is broadcast live to
an international audience of 100,000.’

At Pioneers Festival, video content covered the entire main stage and had several
interactive elements. The system needed to be flexible enough to accommodate the
diverse range of presentations and changes that the presenters had at the last
minute. For the interactive element of presentations, Media Apparat designed the
system to use on-stage “characters’ made from robotic arms with projection
surfaces. These characters had 23 different “moods’ that were triggered to
accompany each presentation such as being happy or sleeping.

Media Apparat used Wings Engine Stage media serving and control along with Wings
Engine Play for content playback. Additionally, video playout was achieved using six
25K-lumens projectors and one display. Warp and blend functionality was used for
two curved screens positioned on each side of the stage. Additionally a three-
dimensional presenter logo was projected on to a 12 x 4 metre wide AV Stumpfl
Fullwhite screen positioned on stage.

The AV Stumpfl Avio 2.0 Manager timeline based software system was used to
manage content and trigger events through DMX using AV Stumpfl IO Box DMX and
IO Box Relay, as well as triggering the “moods’ of the robots using their held

The AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Stage was configured as a master-slave system from
one control PC.

“No presentation was the same and it varied from the Aeromobil, the world’s first
flying car to Athos, wearable technology fitness clothing launch combining live
break-dancing, 3D mapping and special video content. Another highlight was Anki
Drive, the world’s most advanced toy car that uses artificial intelligence,’ explains

More than 1,600 start-up companies from over 90 countries attended the 2015
edition of Pioneers Festival, Austria.

The 2016 edition will take place from 23-25 May 2016 at Hofburg Imperial Palace,
Vienna, Austria.