Bristol, UK based lighting and visuals rental company Fineline supplied lighting,
video and rigging equipment plus crew to Duran Duran Live at Eden with BBC Music
Day, staged at the Eden Project in Cornwall. The special concert was the finale of
the BBC’s 2016 Music Day – a nationwide celebration designed to unite different
generations and communities through music.

Fineline was working with TAO Productions … with whom they also regularly
collaborate as a technical solutions provider for the annual “Eden Sessions’ concerts.

Fineline provided an 8 by 4.5 metre surface of 6mm pitch LED at the back and the
band were touring a custom curved floor-mounted video screen which sat in front of
their risers.

Twenty-nine Ayrton Magic Blades were the principal fixtures on the low flown truss,
joined by 16 Solaris Flare LED strobes.

Above these, on LX 3 the full height upstage truss, were 12 x Clay Paky K20s fitted
with B-EYE lenses rigged on drop arms adding depth and height variation, joined by
another 12 Magic Blades also on drop arms.

Ten Robe Pointe multi-purpose moving lights were also on LX3 adding to the

Moving further downstage, on LX2 were six Robe LEDWash 600s, another 12 x
Pointes and 6 x linear 4-lite Moles. On LX1 were an additional four LEDWash 600s, 6
x Robe ROBIN 600E Spots and four 6-lamp PAR bars for providing comprehensive
base stage washes.

For key lighting on LX1 were six ETC Source Four profiles with 26 degree lenses and
six 8-lite blinders on the front rail of the truss were perfect for blasting out into the

On the floor truss upstage, eight more Pointes and seven more Solaris Flare strobes
were deployed.

The production lighting console was a Hog 4 – with a live backup unit supplied by
Fineline running via DP8000 DMX processors.

Multiple networking was involved in the control set up, as there was also another
Compulite console and a backup supplied by TV lighting operator David Bishop and
overseen by BBC lighting designer Nigel Catmur, running a number of additional TV
key lighting fixtures also supplied by Fineline, all amounting to a total of 23 x DMX
universes. Duran Duran’s production also carried their Catalyst media server which
ran playback video to the screens, triggered via their Hog 4 console.

The four FOH desks – controlling the production rig and all the TV extras – had to be
merged. During the Duran Duran set, the BBC needed to control their TV lights and
have access to the production lighting intensity control, so the four FOH consoles
were merged over the network to allow this to happen. This was the biggest
technical challenge of the gig elucidated Fineline’s Stu England, who project
managed the event for them.

Four xenon Super Trouper follow spots positioned at FOH completed the lighting

Fineline’s very efficient crew of four – including England – was chiefed by Tim
Williams and joined by Will Dale looking after assorted FOH elements and technician
Sam Kenyon.