Prolyte Group hosted its first North American Campus event on truss training in
Orlando last month, just one day prior to the opening of InfoComm.

Organised in cooperation with its North American distributor A.C. Lighting, the event
had an impressive list of participants.

The Prolyte Campus event was accredited by both ESTA (ETCP) as well as InfoComm
(CTS), offering continuing education credits and interesting and high-standing content
that is recognised by industry bodies as well as those who participated.

Lecturer Ruud de Deugd performed an inspiring session on the technical aspects of
using truss, from recognising the different types of loading, calculating cantilevers to
slinging methods, connection types and regulations, using his practical experiences to
address common and recognisable issues.

“A brilliant way to learn more about the range of trussing available from Prolyte and
learn the tips and tricks that will help you take your designs to the next level,’
comments Matthijs Meijer, account manager North America of Prolyte Group.

“There is a great demand for growing knowledge and creating both awareness and
clarity within the industry. The Prolyte Campus offers this, and I can safely say the
first North American Prolyte Campus was a great success.’

As Patrick Ostwald, Production Manager of Specialized Audio Visual commented: “This
Prolyte Campus was a worthwhile experience for me. Not only was it great to be a
part of the first one organised in the US, I certainly learned a lot too. It was great to
not only get a refresher on rigger skills and associated practices but also great to
learn about the product offered by Prolyte and how they can be used together. I think
sometimes truss does not get the best wrap because it is something you need in order
to accomplish lighting, audio, video, etc., but having a good structure to start with is
very important. That is why we like Prolyte.’

“We see a growing interest for the Verto truss,’ comments Fred Mikeska V.P. of U.S.
sales and marketing of A.C. Lighting, now that we have the truss in stock and out in
the field we are confident in this game-changing product.

People are just amazed at the advantages the truss offers, like the tool-less, quiet
assembly and the building speed. As a distributor, it is a pleasure to work with
products that can make such a difference for your customers.’

Prolyte Group and A.C. Lighting will host a next Prolyte Campus Event in November
this year, during the LDI Trade Show and Conference. Visit http://www.prolyte for dates and topics.