As Ascension Day is a traditional day off for Germans, what better way to spend it
then at Tanta Mia tanzt – a one-day electro dance music festival with international and
regional DJs.

Held in the town of Vechta in northwest Germany, Tanta Mia tanzt debuted in 2016
and was back in 2017 with a lineup of EDM and house beat artists playing across
multiple stages. The all-day EDM party with the unusual name – “Aunt Mia is dancing’
– attracted more than 16 000 visitors this year.

Elation Professional’s new German distribution partner, LMP Lichttechnik Vertriebs,
who began distributing Elation Professional products in Germany in April of this year,
worked with production services company Multi Media Marketing & Event. Dirk
Mohlenbrock from Multi Media, responsible for the entire show design, took over the
creative and technical project management this year. “Together with our team of 25
technicians, we installed a total of twelve trailers of material on four stages,’
Mohlenbrock says.

Held in a huge open space, the Stoppelmarktgelande’s several stages were
constructed and equipped with the latest in entertainment technology. Particularly
impressive were new Elation Paladin™ blinder/strobe/wash lights, which Multi Media
used for the first time. “We have been using products from Elation for more than five
years,” said Multi Media CEO Georg Reuber. “They have a great price-performance
ratio, which ensures an early return on investment”.

The Elation Paladin debuted on the Eurovision Song Contest in May and was a key
element in lighting designer Jerry Appelt’s design. The Paladin is a versatile RGBW
luminaire with twenty-four 40W RGBW LEDs and zoom that functions as a bright
blinder or strobe, powerful wash light, or, because of its multiple pixel zone control,
can be used for pixel map and eye candy looks. In addition to the Paladins, Elation’s
new Fuze Wash Z350™ LED wash light moving heads were used as a key wash light in
the rig. Other Elation products included Platinum Spot 15R™ moving heads; Platinum
Wash ZFX Pro™ LED moving head wash lights and SixPar 200™ LED Par lights.

The day included a full program for fans of the electro scene, including top acts
Frequencerz, Sigala, Icona Pop und Yellow Claw. “Tante Mia’ was a success for the
second year running and a 2018 event is in the works, and again with Multi Media.