Respected production technician Andy ‘Fraggle’ Porter ensured the famous Pyramid Stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival was a dazzling display of bright and frenzied strobe effects by rigging 33 Showline SL NITRO 510 luminaires in an arch array.

“Last year we used the SL NITRO 510 strobes in combination with our standard strobes and they worked really well,” says Fraggle. “They are also a fantastic energy saving solution – a whole bunch of conventional strobes all bumped together has a huge impact on the generator mains which can cause us issues, but the LED SL NITRO 510 strobes simply don’t do that.”

The SL NITRO 510 strobe features a tightly packed array of over 1 300 high power LEDs, which ensures maximum output and full field, even distribution across 120º. The rugged construction, Showline standard LCD menu system, continuous-on operation and lower power consumption guarantee the SL NITRO 510 is the perfect strobe luminaire for any application.

“I also love that the SL NITRO 510 offers the opportunity for prolonged continuous use. It was also easy to pump the light level up and its matrixed special effects provided extensive creative potential,” continues Fraggle.

The SL NITRO 510 strobe’s six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility while unique built-in chases aid in creativity and simplicity. With over 68 000 lumens of output, the SL NITRO 510 rivals conventional strobes and retains dynamic looks whether washing a stage or pointing directly at an audience.

“Throughout the festival the SL NITRO 510 strobes worked really well during our daylight hours as well as the more intense evening sessions, they also looked great for the TV cameras too,” says Fraggle. “As they were part of the festival rig they were used by most of the incoming artists, many for the first time, with absolutely no complaints.”

Martin Palmer, Vari-Lite and Showline product manager, comments: “It’s great to see the SL NITRO 510 becoming such a key part of festival lighting design. Combined into the house rig the SL NITRO 510 strobe’s high light output, matrix effects, and continuous-on feature allows the lighting designers to show some real creativity whilst the lower power onsumption can help to reduce the power requirements of the stage.”