Veteran Australian LD Francesco Calvi recently put GLP’s impression X4 S LED
moving heads to the ultimate test — chasing a team of all-action daredevil bike
riders known as Nitro Circus.

Founded by ringleader and world class athlete Travis Pastrana, the Sydney based
Nitro Circus Live tour features more than 40 of the world’s best action sports
athletes performing daring and record-breaking tricks in freestyle motocross, BMX
and skateboarding, aided by stunts and accessories involving water coolers, rocking
horses, a lazy boy couch and more. The lighting has to be equal to the challenge of
placing this into a rock “n’ roll, stadium context.

Brought in by production manager, Brendan Maher, with whom he had worked
previously Calvi was hardly fazed.

Although these events follow a typical rock concert model, with build-up day, and
the infrastructure built and ready for rehearsals by 3pm-4pm the same day, safety
becomes the prime concern. “These riders can and unfortunately do get hurt — so
it’s important that they can see where they are going and where they land,’ he

“Management also wants to give the whole show a theatrical edge so when the
riders are doing their thing the ramps need to be static and bright. Landings and
introductions get the movement and coloured treatments — while the show also has
an outdoor run where they use the stadium lights.’

This was Francesco Calvi’s first tour in the US and GLP partner Upstaging supplied
the lighting inventory including 18 of the tiny GLP impression X4 S. These fulfilled
the role of providing a discreet but powerful light beam from seven RGBW high
powered LEDs (rated at 15W each), with the X4 family’s signature 7°-50° zoom

“The big part of the show is all the aerial stuff coming off the jumps — these can
get quite high and it’s a lot of area to cover just from the trusses,’ Calvi said. “I
needed a fixture that was punchy but with a small footprint, as with all the stuff we
put in to the arenas space can be at a premium. Using 18 X4 S on the floor to
uplight the aerials and highlight the jumps was a great decision; they delivered
plenty of output and a nice wide flood.

“They are also used in the introductions, landings and play offs when the rig has
more movement and colour.’