German-based rental company Headroom Media Service GmbH has recently acquired a large number of Elation Professional Cuepix Panels and has used the versatile RGB matrix luminaires on several outings in Germany and elsewhere.

After their first live tests, including productions with UK pop sensation Jessie J and U.S. megasellers BoyzIIMen, as well as some corporate shows, Headroom Media CEO Andreas Adelhofer stated that he is very pleased with both the quality and versatility of the latest addition to their lighting rental pool.

“We were able to include the Cuepix Panels in the lighting design of some of our more prestigious shows and got great feedback from both the lighting designers and operators,’ Adelhofer commented. “This is a product just to my liking, well thought through and crafted, scalable with high light output. It seems like designers are thinking of new ways to include them in their designs as a panel with graphics capabilities, as an architectural wash luminaire and even as a stage blinder with unseen capabilities.”

Part of Elation’s popular Cuepix Series of LED blinders and strip lights, the Cuepix Panel is a high-power colour matrix with individual pixel control and a full spectrum of colours from 25 x 30-watt RGB COB LEDs. It is ideal for adding high-impact coloured light, blinder effects and messaging to productions of all types. Headroom Media Service has also been a firm believer in Elation’s popular Platinum Beam 5R, having used the powerful moving head beam lights on a host of productions and events over the years.

“I would also like to point out that the support by Elation Europe has been exceptionally good,’ Adelhofer continues. “We had a request for an additional DMX mode and received a modified firmware including updater hardware within a week. This is lightning fast compared to other renowned manufacturers in the market,’ he quips. “We are looking forward to other new exciting products in the future that will give us new creative impulses and continue to help us stand out!”