Things got spooky this Halloween as VJ Scott Guy, projection master at EMD, used
AV Stumpfl® Wings Vioso media serving software to calibrate, warp and blend
horrific and scary graphical imagery onto the façade of Toronto’s Casa Loma as part
of Liberty Entertainment Group’s Legends of Horror.

Casa Loma is a historic site that was Canada’s largest home built by Sir Henry
Pellatt. It is now open daily to the public and for private events in the evenings.

A highlight of the production is the 3D projection on the 90,000 square foot exterior
of the castle, which brings the characters of the storyline and the walls of the castle
to life. These include Dracula rising from his crypt, to the Creature from the Black
Lagoon slithering in the swamp, the Phantom of the Opera.

VJ Guy was brought in to perform the projection mapping onto the façade of the
historic building. “EMD show system is a long-term user of Wings Vioso,’ said Scott
Guy. “We use it to blend four 20K HD projectors across the building and warp the
video image to fit the architecture. Content is a mix of graphics and film created by
Big Digital studios for Liberty Entertainment. The software tools help to calibrate the
castle, map its surface and then project onto it. We also control several other
projection effects around the tour and all the sound design is coming from 10
separate channels in Wings and sent to all the various scenes around the show.’

Legends of Horror’s presentational form is considered promenade theatre, in which
the audience walks at their own pace through a 1.2 km trail commencing in the
lower gardens of Casa Loma and winding its way through the historic buildings
tunnels and darkest spaces.

The show spooked guests every night during October and will be returning annually.

For more about VJ Guy and his work with EMD/Liberty, Casa Loma visit