For Tiens Company’s traditional December distributor conference at Moscow’s Russia Hall in SC “luzhniki’, featuring a combination of official speeches and an original concert programme for 8 000 guests, Martin Russia provided Lighting Designer Roman Kasaev with Martin Professional M6 console and lighting fixtures.

Daniel Maneshin, Technical Director at the Knyazev Agency, offered the main concept for the conference, which featured several LED screens mounted on the main stage. Knyazev Agency played the main role in the business section of the programme and also worked as a decorative and informative element. Therefore, while discussing the stage design, Maneshin asked Kasaev to consider this aspect and create a lighting design that fit with the general concept.

Kasaev chose 48 MAC 101 compact LED wash lights due to the brightness and colours that complimented the LED screens used at the event. The MAC 101s were mounted on custom-made metal structures between screen modules, eight pieces per aperture, due to their brightly-coloured lights that fit ideally with the colours of the video-content on LED screens.

“MAC 101s are extremely bright and they were never lost on the background of LED screens. Thanks to the built-in effects engine of the M6, I was able to create a very sophisticated and beautiful colour and dimming effects for the MAC 101s. It resulted in a very intense, bright and impressive picture. The MAC 101s are very fast, so I could bring more diversity into lighting design to make it more dynamic and filled with drive and energy,’ says Kasaev.

The event programme also included classical ballet and acrobatic features which required a different approach to the lighting. Kasaev chose 34 MAC III Profiles to highlight the actors and gymnasts during their performances and was able to make lighting accents with beautiful rays and gobo projections.

This conference became one more story of success for the Martin Professional M6 console. The Tiens Conference was the first project where Kasaev was able to work with the M6 console – only a slight change as he is familiar the M1 and M2GO controllers.

“I had a very big set of equipment for this project so I needed a more powerful console than M1. I reached out to the Representative Office of Martin Professional in Moscow for the support and they provided me with M6 console,’ confirms Kasaev.

50 MAC Aura’s and 12 Atomic 3000 DMX strobes were also involved in lighting design of the Tiens Conference.