Touring is a way of life for “Vintage Pop” duo Sundae and Mr. Goessl. Their
repertoire of vintage swing and jazz classics weaves Jason Goessl’s silky guitar
lines around Sundae’s sultry vocals for an intimate sound that’s as unique as it is

The couple have toured and performed together for more than two years in venues
ranging from coffee houses and vintage theatres to nightclubs and even cosy living
room concerts. With such a wide range of venues, and audiences on any given night
ranging from dozens to hundreds, Sundae and Mr. Goessl depend on the ultra-
portable Mackie Reach™ Professional PA system to deliver dependable, consistently
great sound, night after night. Reach is packed with features aimed squarely at
performers, including Mackie’s exclusive EarShot™ personal monitoring system,
eliminating the need for separate stage monitors.

“In the past we always had to carry a second speaker, so we could hear ourselves
on stage,” explains Jason. “With Reach, it’s all in one box. We can stand on either
side of it and control our own monitor mix through our iPhones.”

Mackie’s innovative ARC (Amplified Radial Curve) array technology provides an
ultra-wide 150 degrees of coverage to reach each and every audience member,
even in the most challenging spaces. And users get total control over the built-in 6-
channel mixer, including everything from levels and EQ to reverb and feedback
eliminator with the Mackie Connect app for iPhone and Android™ devices.

Reach is equipped with a powerful mixing toolkit including 16 great sounding built in
FX, including rich vocal reverbs and delays, 3-band EQ on every channel to shape
your sound, a no-hassle feedback destroyer and three user-definable pre-sets to
make setup a breeze. And with 750 Watts of power, wireless Bluetooth streaming,
and the ability to link to another Reach for additional inputs and coverage, Reach is
the ultimate, all-in-one professional PA system.

“I’m always very critical of the way I sound,” shared Sundae, aka Kate Voss, “but I
love the way I sound through the Mackie Reach. It really is, hands down, my
favourite thing to sing through.”