Expo AV-Insync (EAI) were chosen to provide full technical production for the first
ever FREQ’ender dance festival in Singapore and the company wasted no time in
specifying its Martin Audio MLA system for the two day event.

The event was held at Infinite Studios and saw 4 500 people attend over the
The festival was split into two days — the first (in conjunction with Halloween) was
named Freq’show, and this made way on Day two for Mekanika, produced by
international Trance Festival brand, Godskitchen.

EAI managing director, Gerard Rodrigues, confirms that the MLA system had been
recommended by his company. “The end result was that everyone, including the
promoters, really felt the music and were amazed at the audio quality. They were
really blown away.’

“The MLX subs also became a talking point for many of the AV industry
professionals who attended the gig as well,’ adds Rodrigues.

EAI kept the same rig in place for both days, with hangs of eight elements per side
(plus a single MLD Downfill). The 12 MLX subs were ground-stacked in
configurations of 2 + 4 + 4 + 2.

In addition the company supplied eight W8LM Mini line arrays and four WS218X subs
as a potent DJ monitor system.

Limited Edition Concepts’ director and co-founder, Godwin Pereira was certainly
impressed: “With EAV’s experience it was easy to get the best out of the MLA
system, and the sound behaved superbly in the 18 000 square foot sound stage. It
was warm and non-intrusive, producing little in the way of “noise’; instead, it
delivered purity, clarity and a whole lot of thump.”

In addition, the audience was treated to lighting and projection mapping during the
festival. The event itself featured global acts covering electro, trance, house, techno
and many other genres, including Hot Chip, 2ManyDJs, GlowInTheDark and Marco V,
along with over 20 live performers and dancers from Taiwan, Singapore and