Lighting Designer Andrew Cass recently deployed Martin by HARMAN MAC Axiom
Hybrid and MAC III Profile fixtures at Suwannee Hulaween, a three-day music
festival that took place over Halloween weekend 2016. Set in the Florida Everglades
at Suwannee Music Park, the festival’s line-up included The String Cheese Incident,
My Morning Jacket, Disclosure, STS9, Logic, Umphrey’s McGee, Big Gigantic and
more. Cass selected the MAC Axiom Hybrid and MAC III Profile for their
unparalleled versatility, powerful performance and industry-wide acceptance among
lighting directors.

“When you’re planning a festival, it’s extremely important to bring in industry-
standard fixtures,’ said Cass. “You can’t bring in fixtures that other lighting
designers are going to have to build a profile for. With a light like the MAC Axiom
Hybrid or MAC III Profile, everyone knows they’re going to look great.’

The Suwannee Hulaween 2016 line-up was curated by The String Cheese Incident,
and as the band’s lighting director, Cass was hired to design the lighting rig for the
festival’s main stage. His goal was to create a lighting rig that would look great for
The String Cheese Incident, but also deliver high-intensity visuals for EDM artists.
After seeing the MAC Axiom Hybrid at a recent Bassnectar show, Cass realized they
would be perfect for the Suwannee Hulaween main stage. Denver-based audio,
lighting and video production company Brown Note Productions supplied the audio
and lighting for the show, and luckily for Cass, they had plenty of MAC Axiom
Hybrids in their inventory.

“The MAC Axiom Hybrid is a good colour mixing beam fixture, and that’s what the
industry has been waiting for,’ said Cass. “There are a couple fixtures out there
that are calling themselves hybrids, but this is the only fixture I’d put in that
category. Generally beam fixtures have colour wheels, so we’ve all been limited not
only by the colour selection, but by how we can program the fixtures. The MAC
Axiom Hybrid has incredible brightness and true colour mixing, so I can treat it like
any other light. The clarity of the optics and tightness of the beam are very
impressive and the GOBO package works well with both beam and spot looks. The
Axiom is now my beam fixture of choice.’

“I have used Martin fixtures for a long, long time,’ he continued. “I appreciate
Martin’s product line because they don’t release a bunch of minor products all of the
time. Every time Martin designs a product, it creates large advancements in the
industry. And because of that, it’s a better-vetted product by the time it hits the