Martin by HARMAN lighting recently lit the wintery stage of Kyrgyzstan’s second
annual “Song of the Year’ music awards. The ceremony, which has already
established itself as an important cultural event in the country, not only awards
prizes to artists, but also offers a truly remarkable show broadcast on the popular
“New Year’s Night’ program on Kyrgyzstan’s NTS TV channel.

Kyrgyzstan’s Martin Professional dealer, Sound KG Rental Company, provided full
technical support for the project, which saw the central ice rink of Bishkek
transformed into the ceremony’s main stage. A range of Martin RUSH fixtures were
involved, including six MH 3 Beams and six MH 4 Beams, along with three Atomic
3000 DMX strobes to provide lighting effects. The light show was operated by Martin
controllers, including the M2GO and M-Touch.

Russian Lighting Designer Alexey Zhivanov was invited to work the event. His task
was to offer a technical solution for the show based on the existing fixture pack of
Sound KG and the capabilities of the venue itself. “After discussing and coordinating
the whole script with the director, I suggested our assembling of an L-shaped video
wall and adding lights for colourful effects and dimensional looks,’ said Zhivanov.
“My idea was to create a “colourful picture’ in the background that could be always
visible for the camera.”

Zhivanov used LED video elements (panels of five and 25 pixel lines) as the main
decoration. The five-pixel line panels were assembled into one “chandelier” and
hung on two corner brackets at different levels. The 25-pixel line panels were
combined into three “lozenge’ suspensions.

Getting access to a selection of amazing and beautiful effects in this type of
installation required individual control of each pixel, so the designer could not have
his possibilities limited due to a relatively small number of available DMX channels.
“Before coming to Bishkek, I knew that Sound KG would provide me with the M2GO
console. But just in case, I decided to bring my recently purchased M-Touch and M-
DMX interface with me,’ said Zhivanov.

But it was not only LED displays that were used in the project design. Television had
its own demands—like depth, volume and explosive effects at certain moments.
Sound KG’s inventory allowed Zhivanov to involve RUSH MH 3 and MH 4 Beams as
well as Atomic 3000 DMX strobes in the show. With these, the designer succeeded
in creating powerful effects in the haze over the rink. “I am really glad that all the
fixtures continued to function without any problems even at sub-zero
temperatures,” said Zhivanov.

“I want to give my special thanks to the team of technicians, who despite all the
difficulties, coped with the task, especially Sound KG Company for the trust and
cooperation,’ said Zhivanov. “Also, thanks to the team of NTS TV channel for the
understanding and creative approach.’