Robe was the lighting choice for the 12th annual Metro FM Music Awards held recently at the Durban ICC Arena. Dream Sets were commissioned by Blue Moon Corporate Communications to provide the set and the technical elements of this prestigious event.

With an objective to deliver the best Metro FM occasion to date, Dream Sets’ Robert Hoey, Eben Peltz and Sean Hoey were the technical directors. They collaborated with Gearhouse Durban, who were the main technical suppliers.

Francois van der Merwe of Wizardry Group was the lighting designer and operator. “While I had free reign, Dream Sets wanted the show to be spectacular with theatrical looks and with lighting good enough for the television broadcast,’ he said.

Van der Merwe programmed on a grandMA2 full size and incorporated video on a MA2 server. He had some 66 Robe fixtures at his disposal. “There is a reason why I specified Robe fixtures,’ he smiles. Gearhouse purchased Robin 600 LED Washes and Robin 100 LED Beams for the event. “The Robin 100 LEDBeams were placed on the back scaff facing the audience and they were amazing,’ said Van der Merwe.

“The gig went extremely well, yet I have never been so relaxed on a show,’ he said. “My only challenge was to get enough intensity to see the performers without washing out the laser work.’

Lighting equipment list:

24 x Robin 600 LEDWash

24 x Robin 100 LEDBeam

12 x Robe Colorspot 2500

16 x Robe Colorspot 700

48 x Colorado Tri-tour LED Parcans

72 x Par 64

48 x 2Ks