For the first time, people who suffer from Tinnitus (ringing-in-the-ears) can self-treat themselves anytime, anywhere, using a new mobile app that employs an FDA-approved procedure with a nearly 100% success rate.

The app, called Phase-Out, is now available for Apple mobile platforms. It uses proven sound-cancellation technology developed in 2000 by Columbia and Bell Labs scientists, Doctors Daniel Choy and Ivan Kaminow.

They created the treatment, known as the Padden-Choy Procedure, which was granted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2003 and is now in use throughout the U.S, Europe and Asia. According to the American Tinnitus Association, over 50 million Americans and some 250 million people worldwide suffer from some form of ringing-in-the-ears.

The Phase-Out App is based on a law of physics which holds that a sound wave can be cancelled out by exposure to a reciprocal wave (180° opposite) of the same pitch and volume.

The app is a simple 3-step process that helps tinnitus sufferers first determine, in step 1, the pitch (frequency) of their Tinnitus. In step 2, the app helps determine the volume (loudness) and step 3 is a 30-minute listening session in which the tinnitus sound wave is shifted out of phase by the app and sent into the brain via headphones.

The latest clinical trials have shown that by using this treatment for three consecutive days, 67 of 67 patients dropped their Tinnitus to an inaudible level.
Choy noted that by following the three consecutive day listening regimen many patients obtain relief from their tinnitus symptoms on an on-going basis. “It is gratifying to help people with tinnitus find a way to work and enjoy their lives again,’ he commented.

Since 2000, Choy and Kaminow have published numerous articles in peer-reviewed literature detailing clinical results for the Padden-Choy Procedure. In addition, they have made presentations to every international symposium on tinnitus since 2004.

Complete information about the new app is available at or at the Apple App Store.