Allen & Heath has extended its successful Qu range with the launch of Qu-Pac, an
ultra-compact digital mixer with both a built-in touchscreen and iPad control app.

Designed for live music and installed sound, Qu-Pac is a freestanding or rack mount
mixer, providing a flexible solution for bands and in multi-purpose environments
such as schools, hotels and bars. Qu-Pac connectivity offers 16 mono inputs, 3
stereo inputs and 12 mix outputs on the rear panel, but that can be expanded up to
38 in / 28 out by connecting to Allen & Heath’s family of remote AudioRacks over

The mixer offers total recall of settings and preamps, multi-track recording to USB
via Qu-Drive, a choice of personal monitoring solutions, channel ducking, multi-
channel USB streaming and the renowned iLive FX Library to deliver outstanding
audio quality, making it a fully featured digital mixer.

Continuing the trend of remote iPad mixing that started with the iLive family over
four years ago, the Qu-Pad iPad app gives instant wireless control of the mixer’s
key parameters and settings, freeing the user to mix the show from anywhere in
the venue. Unlike rack mount digital mixers which wholly rely on tablet control, Qu-
Pac’s high resolution, full colour five-inch touchscreen gives easy access to all
functions, providing a simple interface for day-to-day operation and a backup in the
event of Wi-Fi connection problems disrupting control. A fully customisable Qu-
Control screen can be set up with “widgets’ for channel levels, mutes and
assignment switches, arranged to suit the application and the experience of the
user. Fifteen softkeys allow further customisation, while different levels of user
access can be set up and password protected.

As well as stereo recording or playback from a USB key, the built-in, 18-channel
Qu-Drive can record and playback multitrack and stereo audio .wav files to a USB
key or drive. This gives the convenience of computer-free recording in live and field
applications. Qu-Pac’s 32×32, Windows and Mac compliant USB streaming interface
also makes it the perfect recording solution for tracking, monitoring and
overdubbing in the studio. To further increase flexibility for fixed installs and
growing bands, Allen & Heath’s dSNAKE low latency audio connection enables the
mixer to connect over a single Cat5 digital snake to AB168, AR84 and AR2412
remote audio racks. In addition, Qu-Pac offers two solutions for personal
monitoring: via the Qu-You iPhone app or using ME-1 personal mixers, which
connect to the mixer via the dSNAKE port.

The mixer’s mic/line inputs feature crystal clear AnaLOGIQ recallable pad-less
preamps, optimised for transparency and low harmonic distortion. Qu-Pac is
equipped with a selection of FX emulations developed for the iLive pro touring
series, along with all the tools a sound engineer would expect to see, such as RTA
and comprehensive metering and monitoring.

Allen & Heath’s managing director, Glenn Rogers comments on the new arrival:
“Qu-Pac is a response to some of the major headaches in real world mixing. For
bands working the bar and club scene, there are countless situations where there
just is no space for a regular mixer. For venues, there are many, many scenarios
from AV presentations and conferences to hotels, bars and restaurants where
background music and simple events are handled by non-technical staff who would
be intimidated by a regular mixer. Think of a bar or restaurant that has live music
at the weekends. Qu-Pac is ideal in this sort of situation – password protection and
simple custom screens allow general staff to run the system day-to-day, then a
sound engineer can use the iPad to mix full shows, with the safety net of hands-on
control if anything happens to the Wi-Fi. That’s just one scenario where this highly
versatile and effective package provides the ideal solution.’

Also new from Allen & Heath is its Xone DB mixers which will be supported by
Serato DJ software and will be Serato DJ and DVS Upgrade Ready in the near
future. This new collaboration between Allen & Heath and Serato allows DJs using
the flagship Xone:DB mixers to use Serato DJ software without the expense and
hassle of an external interface. Serato DJ users will also be able to create powerful
DVS setups with the Xone:DB mixers simply by purchasing the Serato DJ Club Kit.
For the ultimate digital DJ setup, DJs can also use the Xone:K1 controller, connected
to a Xone:DB mixer over X:Link, for pre-mapped, hands-on control over cues, loops
and Serato DJ FX.

Xone product specialist, Greg Ibbotson explains: “Put simply, this makes it easier
for DJs to use their favourite software with their favourite mixer. Any working DJ
will know how much difference it makes to have one less piece of gear to transport
and less cables during changeovers. Now you just need the Xone:DB mixer and your
laptop running Serato DJ and you’re good to go, and the Serato DJ Club Kit is the
ideal route into the market leading DVS solution. With all the functionality of Serato
and the world’s most power FX mixers the creative potential is limitless.’

Support for Xone:DB4 and Xone:DB2 will be available in a forthcoming release of
Serato DJ.