The 2016 On Stage Awards for best live music were assigned during a ceremony
held on 18 March, which was broadcast on Rai 2 and Italian Radio 2. The hosts of
the Tim Music On Stage Awards 2016 were Nicola Savino and the singer Malika
Ayane, for the first time in the role of presenter.

The viewers and listeners voted on the Internet for the best Italian and international
leading artists who performed in major concerts, tours and festivals held in Italy
during the year. Their votes were combined with the decision of a jury of experts.

The spectacular live event was illuminated with Clay Paky lights on a rig set up by
lighting designer Giovanni Pinna: 62 Mythos units, 32 Sharpys and 8 Alpha Beam

“The Mythos units are really very versatile. I used them as the main fixtures on the
lighting rig to illuminate both the audience and the stage. They were the most used
lights: the ones that created the greatest number of lighting scenes. At least forty
of them were focused on the stage.’

The Mythos is the most advanced kind of hybrid light, one which works in its
different modes without compromise. They were essential for this event, since it
was broadcast on television with a very basic set design enhanced with a
widespread use of video.

“I placed the other Mythos units on battens, wherever they were needed, to fill and
exploit the third dimension to the full and enhance the stage area with more
options, especially for the TV, where backgrounds are so important for the shots.
Having lights scattered everywhere improves the television image a lot. There is
nothing worse than a close-up or full length shot with nothing behind the artist.’

The Mythos is a great spotlight which produces an extraordinary, large beam, with
perfectly sharp edges and a highly adjustable zoom.

“The light from the Sharpys on the other hand was useful mainly to illuminate the
hall/stalls, where I spread them out around a special horseshoe-shaped structure
found in the East End Studios in Milan, like in a theatre … a bit like inside an

Four hundred square metres (480 square yards) of video wall emits a lot of
brightness, which it is hard to counter with light. However, Clay Paky lights always
hit the mark. They are powerful and able to stand out even against video.

The problem was elegantly solved with a large battery of lights used to produce
super-concentrated ACL beams, perfectly visible even on the brightest sets.

“I placed the Alpha Beam 700s on the ground as backlighting in order to create and
shape beams and dynamic projections in midair.’