The new XLED 3019 (PR-8127), which begins shipping in December is a hybrid beam
projector which also has the capability of delivering a beautiful saturated wash.

When developing the new model, PR Lighting based the design on the extremely
successful XLED 1037 Zoom. But whereas that offers 37 x 10W RGBW LEDs, this
contains an impressive 19 x 20W in a similar chassis. So while having a similar look,
once switched on it provides a completely different level of intensity, with an
impressive zoom ratio of 1:6.

In terms of features, the XLED 3019 offers the full package of smooth RGBW linear
colour mixing (with macro) and linear colour temperature correction, which is
adjustable between 2 700K and 10 000K. Likewise the 0-100% strobe is linearly
adjustable, and the adjustable pan and tilt ranges from 0°-540° (pan) and 0°-270°

In terms of control, this DMX-compatible fixture is RDM enabled to support two-way
communication for configuration, monitoring and set-up and wireless control.