PR Lighting plan to preview a new flagship LED moving head and no fewer than six other, fully featured lighting projectors at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight+Sound Show. This includes fixtures purpose designed for photographic and TV studios, and also for use at motor shows.

The company will present these within their own self-contained display, set within the large portfolio of their German distributors, Focon Showtechnic.

Full details of the following products will be released after the show.

XLED 2007 BEAM: This mini unit has all the advantages of the XLED 336 but in addition can rotate endlessly.

XR230 SPOT: The XR230 Spot boasts a linear zoom from 3.8°-42°.

XR330 SPOT: The XR330 has a linear zoom from 3/8°-42°, from a compact unit that delivers fantastic brightness.

XR1000 SPOT: With a linear zoom (ranging from 9°-47°) the fully-featured unit is brighter than a conventional 1200W discharge lamp.

XR1000 BEAM: With an Osram HTI 1000, the XR 1000 Beam offers a beam of 5°, which is ideal for all types of event.

LED STUDIO 3400: The LED studio fixture can produce extremely even and soft light and is ideal for photographic and studio application.

CAR SHOW LAMP: The 500W LED unit is perfect for motor shows.