The 2017 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, held in February in St. Moritz,
Switzerland, was supported by a robust and flexible media and communications
network based on Riedel Communications solutions. Leveraging Riedel’s MediorNet
real-time signal transport, processing, and routing network and Artist digital matrix
intercom system, the integrated communications backbone contributed significantly
to the safe and smooth running of the ski championships, Switzerland’s largest and
most visible sports event this year.

A team from Riedel Communications Switzerland AG planned, installed, and
operated the radio network. Working with the Alpine World Ski Championships’ local
organizing committee, the Riedel team designed a digital, redundant radio network
that provided a base for reliable communications among 30 different user groups
with full connection to the Riedel Artist intercom. Over 600 radios for timing, race
management, security, logistics, and production were handed out to the local event
organization. A customized CCTV application allowed engineers to monitor the relay
stations installed at St. Moritz simply and conveniently for optimal radio coverage.

Host broadcaster SRG SSR and its subsidiary, Technology and Production Center
Switzerland AG (TPC), as well as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), used the
Riedel MediorNet real-time media network for signal distribution. Numerous other
TV networks, such as Eurosport (with NEP as the OB service provider), ARD, ORF,
and RAI, also trusted MediorNet and Artist to support their live broadcasts. Riedel’s
MediorNet MicroN high-density media-distribution network devices enabled a
redundant and decentralized signal routing and transport infrastructure and
supported a mobile, flexible production with higher bandwidth, additional connection
options, and integrated processing features.

The elaborately produced images were captured by a total of 38 cameras installed
along the course as well as at the start and finish areas. More than 40 kilometers of
fiber-optic cables linked the international broadcasting center to production sites at
Salastrains (runway and finish area) and the Kulmpark (award ceremonies and
drawing of the number bibs). MediorNet also handled signal distribution for the live
commentary as well as the stadium video presentations, allowing the TV and
production feeds to be transmitted to LED walls in the finish area. Riedel’s
SmartPanel control panel, together with its new control app and Riedel’s STX-200
professional Skype® interface, also supported the stadium TV presentation.

For intercom, a dozen Artist frames — for NEP, BR, ORF, and others — were used
for the World Ski Cup, along with more than 200 panels. 40 of these panels were
for event and organization, such as the Medal Plaza, radio centre, stadium TV, and
timing. Police and paramedics in St. Moritz were also able to leverage the Artist
network, connected via VoIP. Riedel Communications Switzerland AG created a
specially designed event “cockpit” in which three Riedel team members monitored
the event and communicated vital information, such as race shifts or delays, to
other user groups.

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