Riedel Communications supplied a robust communications solution for the ITV
Leaders pre-election debate, held April 2 at MediaCityUK. During the live broadcast
event, leading broadcast and production facility provider dock10 used the Riedel
Artist digital matrix intercom system and MediorNet real-time media network to
enable flexible, reliable transport of video, data, and communications signals to the
three main broadcasters — Sky, BBC, and ITV — as well as to the Media Hub Centre
hosting more than 300 other members of the global press.

“Riedel’s MediorNet real-time network came into its own during this event, offering
valuable flexibility, reliability, and stability throughout an exciting, action-packed
day that was full of surprises,” said John O’Shaughnessy, head of technology
operations at dock10. “With such a dependable solution underpinning signal
transport, the dock10 technology team could deliver all that was asked of it on a
very demanding day.”

For the ITV Leaders debate held in advance of the U.K.’s May elections, dock10 was
able to use its campus-wide fiber connectivity to link all areas across MediaCityUK
and enable transmissions to and from a host of broadcasters. The MediorNet CWDM
option enhanced this capability and offered increased capacity that ensured
flexibility and reliability in signal delivery.

The ITV Leaders Debate main programme was produced at HQ1, dock10’s 12,500-
square-foot studio. ITV news pool feeds, providing pictures to the world’s press,
were coordinated from another dock10 studio gallery, HQ3. dock10 deployed one
MediorNet at the Piazza in front of the studios to provide video, data, and
communications to Sky, the BBC, and ITV at their OB positions in front of the
building. A second MediorNet system was deployed in the Media Hub Centre, which
housed additional press, and enabled additional broadcaster live feeds.

“Our MediorNet and Artist systems have been engineered to provide the versatility
and quality critical to live broadcast events of all sorts, from sports and
entertainment to the political arena,” said Paul Rivens, U.K. general manager at
Riedel Communications. “We have worked closely with dock10 on a variety of high-
profile productions, and the company once again made the most of our gear to
support an important event leading into the U.K.’s 2015 general elections.”
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