The South African Roadies Association (SARA) has received an invaluable donation of
from YAMAHA in of form of a YAMAHA “TF1 Digital Mixing Console’ and a Stage
Custom Drum Kit.

The TF series consoles take live sound reinforcement to a new level of refinement with
TouchFlow Operation, recallable D-PRE™ preamplifiers, advanced processing, and
much more, and can also be used with a variety of utility software.

TouchFlow Operation introduced in the TF series consoles allows the user to respond to
the music and artists on stage with unprecedented speed and freedom, taking live
sound reinforcement to a new level of refinement. YAMAHA digital consoles have
always been designed with input from leading engineers worldwide to ensure that the
most efficient, intuitive operation is achieved.

“The received equipment will greatly enhance SARA’s training programs and
equipment; sustain training, skills development and on-the-job training in the technical
and production skills sector for years to come, and also have an indelible impact on
the lives, ambitions, dreams and careers of young South Africans’ said SARA’s
President Freddie Nyathela.

SARA is very grateful for the support and vision of YAMAHA.