A high profile launch for the new fragrance Hugo Boss Sport, was hosted at the McLaren dealership in Sandton and attended by South Africa’s most popular celebrities. Robin 300s and 600s were used on the night to provide added colour and to illuminate the branding.

MJ Event Gear was commissioned by Crimsonroom Communications to provide the full technical including lighting, screens and sound. The spec was summed up in one word, “Red’ – for the inside and the outside. The event was hosted by radio and sport presenter, Sasha Martinengo, and Kerry Ellis – Hugo Boss SA Brand Manager with entertainment provided by DJ Fresh and DJ Dino Bravo.

“12 Thomas Pixel Pars were used to light up the exterior and the McLaren showroom entrance. He says the fixtures worked effectively and the venue was adorned in a striking and welcoming red glow,’ explained Theo Rood from MJ Event Gear.
Otto de Kock, MJ’s Project Manager and Sound Engineer stated that the venue was aesthetically challenging. “Being a showroom, it was very bright with tiled floors and a great deal of glass and windows but other than that, the event was simple enough and ran without a glitch,’ he stated.

Six Prolyte X30V totem trusses were positioned in the showroom and each supported a Robin 600 LED Wash on top and a plasma screen cleverly positioned underneath. The screen ran with video footage, including the glam Hugo Boss Sport advert and logos. Each totem was up lit in red making the structures more of an eye catching feature. One of the totems and screens was used for the pulse-racing car simulator which was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests – boys will be boys!

“The Robin 600 LED Wash is potent,’ commented Francois van der Merwe, Lighting Designer. “We used them to colour the entire room because everything had to be red. A couple of the fixtures doubled up to light the stage area and the zoom on the 600 is amazing. It’s a good product and I’m starting to use them as house lights. Just the weight and power consumptions is great, the ease, power, distribution, lamps… all this in one package.’

MJ Event Gear supplied “Boss’ gobos for the launch, which were projected around the venue via four Robin 300 E Spots.

To catch a glimpse of the evening, visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbDL-f7snt8