Sennheiser unveiled its SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone at ISE 2015, which is the first wireless digital microphone exclusively designed for speech applications. The microphones are modified for speech, particularly for business applications, easy to install, with automatic frequency and interference management.

“This is our next big thing for the corporate market, to change the usage of wireless microphones, we wanted to make the best speech microphone we’ve ever done, it is the first microphone optimally designed for the spoken word and public speaking,’ says Kai Tossing, portfolio manager, Sennheiser Business Communication.

Sennheiser has a desire to create the best speech microphone, with speech optimised microphone capsules and audio processing algorithms. The microphone is a lightweight handheld model with batteries rechargeable via Micro USB; a body pack transmitter that comes with a Lavalier microphone, very sleek, all metal head set and only weighs 7grams. The lithium-ion battery technology used has a battery life of more than 15 hours.

The bi-directional receiver recognises if the frequency has any problems and automatically and coherently changes to a cleaner frequency. Optimum intelligibility is enhanced by selectable sound profiles and sound processing algorithms, including presets for bass-intensive male voices or high female voices. The microphone also makes the technician’s job easier during the set-up process. SpeechLine Digital Wireless has an automatic frequency management feature that automatically searches for free frequencies on-site, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming frequency planning in advance.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is available as a handheld or Lavalier microphone or as a headset. All three sets include a mobile transmitter unit – a handheld or a bodypack system, a battery as well as a receiver station that can easily be integrated.