The Danish NorthSide Festival held its fifth consecutive summer event in Aarhus, Denmark, maintaining its successful growth with a record music budget, more square feet than ever before and new activities for the 35 000 visitors.

Another newcomer to NorthSide this year was SGM’s G-Spot moving head, proudly striking its beams high, and painting the city sky. Four of these new moving heads were placed as centrepieces on top of the highest containers in the area to draw the attention. This particular area is the festival’s recreational site, situated between Blue Stage and Green Stage with 6-metre-high containers placed in the shape of a horseshoe, which enclose food shops and relaxation facilities with a view of the entire site.

The purpose for the G-Spot was to create soft moving light for this recreational area and sporadically illuminate the shops, but the fixtures also provided additional visual effects to be seen from afar. The appealing light effects certainly drew additional people in.

Opting for the G-Spot is in line with NorthSide’s desire to achieve a zero carbon emissions level. Based on LED technology, the G-Spot helps NorthSide reach this target with its much lower power consumption compared to conventional discharge lamps, meanwhile providing an IP65 rated maintenance-free fixture which will not succumb to the sand and dirt of a buzzing festival site.

Another advantage for this innovative music festival has been the ease and flexibility of setting up the G-Spot, which does not require expensive protective solutions such as domes or other constructions to shelter it from rain.

The P-5 wash light also made its reappearance at NorthSide and did the job perfectly, providing a bright wash with soft colour changing. Thus, 14 of these units illuminated the containers from below.

SGM and NorthSide both look forward to expanding their cooperation in 2015 and thereby taking NorthSide one step closer to their sustainability target.