Not only is Si Performer a major advance in terms of audio functionality, it’s the first audio console to include DMX functionality, for which they have a patent pending.

This enables a single operator to adjust audio and lighting functions from the same surface, a major benefit in applications such as small theatres, corporate events, music venues, houses of worship and gigging bands.

Enhancements over the Si Compact include:

  • Up to 80 inputs to mix
  • Four-band fully-parametric EQ on all channels and busses (switchable bell / shelf on HF and LF)
  • Eight VCA Groups
  • Eight Mute Groups
  • 20 Mix busses, plus four FX, eight Matrix and LCR
  • Fully free assignable layers – mix inputs, outputs and DMX masters on any layer
  • True LCR panning mode
  • Freely assignable insert points
  • Colour backlit LCD displays for channel naming, graphic EQ fequencies and bus / mode identification
  • DMX512 port and functionality
  • The DMX functions are accessed by a set of ALT fader banks and can control up to 30 DMX addresses on faders.
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ProSystems magazine 3rd Quarter 2012