The Floyd Mayweather “Reawakening the Giant’ gala dinner was recently held to boost the profile of boxing in South Africa and to raise funds for the inauguration of the Baby Jake Boxing Academy in Soweto.

Sean Boyce, Southern Lighting Solutions lighting designer, shared his thoughts on the lighting used “With the D.T.S range of moving heads at hand, I was spoilt for choice, only imagination was needed. The D.T.S Jacks amazed me with their powerful beams which gave a great variety of options with all their gobos. For me, the D.T.S Raptors stole the show. Just the sheer punch that they project out of a small unit is phenomenal, even when using the prism function. But without the ChamSys lighting console, none of that would have come to life. The ChamSys provides such ease and functionality in programming…’

Equipment list:

14 x D.T.S NRG1201s, 12 x Jacks, 6 x Raptors, 20 x LDDE Spectra 72LED’s, 20 x Colour Kinetics LED’s, 18 x 2kw Filmgear Blondes, 10 x 2kw Filmgear Fresnels, 10 x 1kw Filmgear Fresnels and 6 x ETC 750w Profiles.