Sublime With Rome is a musical collaboration between bassist Eric Wilson formerly
of the band Sublime, and singer / guitarist Rome Ramirez, presenting an eclectic
mix of Sublime’s distinctive ska punk and their own original material. Sublime
recorded three studio and one live album before abruptly disbanding in 1996
following the untimely death of lead vocalist / guitarist and inspirator, Bradley
Nowell. They still have an enormous cult following.

Four Robe Cyclones are on the tour – supplied by Karate Pinky Visual Design
together with other special effects and the control console – and they are positioned
upstage at the base of the backdrop.

Warner was the person who originally thought of the Cyclone – a moving head
integrating a ring of 24 high powered RGBW multichip LEDs and a fan as a tool to
create some fabulous visual atmospheric effects. He took his idea to Robe who
developed it into a unique product and brought it to the market.

Directly downstage of the Cyclones are four Vesuvio liquid fogger units. In some
songs the Cyclones are used to to blow the smoke jets horizontally over the band,
so Aaron can get a lot more than just the standard straight-up effect from a typical

He also uses them as a tight beam wash to backlight the drummer and along the
amp line.

Craig has been an industry professional all his working life and lit his first bands
aged about 12, his enthusiasm fired by his father’s own passion for live shows and
owning a regional production company in Omaha, Nebraska.

He is running the show lighting – including the Cyclones – on a grandMA2 light
console and the overall lighting vendor for the tour is Clearwing Productions from
Milwaukie, Wisconsin.

The tour runs through the end of August supporting the release of Sublime With
Rome’s new album, “Sirens’.