XL Video supplied high resolution LED screens, plus scenic curved LED and Barco
screen management systems for BBC Cymru Wales and S4C’s coverage of the 2015
General Election.

BBC Cymru Wales broadcast all-night election coverage on BBC1 Wales and the
Welsh language channel, S4C, simultaneously from two studio sets at their studios
in Llandaff, Cardiff.

Each set consisted of a wide, high-resolution curved LED screen, formed from XL
Video’s Unilumin 3.9mm LED, and measuring 10m wide by 3m high.

This main screen displayed a combination of playback content, election graphics
generated live as results came in, and PiP broadcast footage from reporters around
the country.

Surrounding the screen and set, each studio featured nine curved LED banners
formed from XL’s creative Barco NX6 product. These banners were used to extend
the backgrounds from the main screen and give a cohesive look across each studio.
Despite each studio having matching set-ups, the use of LED allowed both
broadcasts to have very different and distinct looks.

XL Video’s new Barco E2 screen management systems were used to manage the
complex switching of content from scenic playback graphics to live broadcast feeds
and graphical images.

The E2s were programmed and routed to Shot Boxes controlled by each of the
respective programmes’ Vision Mixers, allowing them plenty of flexibility during the
live show and the ability to switch straight to breaking news as it happened!

In addition, XL supplied more than 40 flatscreen monitors ranging in size from 23′
to 65′ which were used on set, in the Spin room, and for monitoring incoming

Ten of these screens were paired with Freeview+ PVRs, capturing incoming live
feeds which could then be cut into the broadcast at suitable moments.

Jeff Bailey, Head of TV & Film for XL Video, comments: “We were very pleased to
supply the video for the BBC Cymru Wales’ General Election coverage. As with any
live news event, preparation is key, and our team on site ensured everything was
ready for the high-paced environment on Election Day. Our technicians worked
closely with the production team and delivered a great-looking visual package for
each broadcaster!’