Audient challenges you to discover your iDentity, as it launches its brand new recording interface: iD22 at this year’s Musikmesse. Featuring 2-in, 6-out + ADAT i/o with high performance 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters, and professional, console-like monitor controller functionality in a compact, stylish and ergonomic desktop package. ID22’s pristine mic pres and versatile feature set transforms your DAW into a world-class recording system by connecting directly to your computer, monitors and microphones with the option to expand via ADAT.

iD22 provides impressive depth and detail across all 6 outputs, allowing you to accurately hear a source and ensuring you make the best creative decisions when recording, mixing & mastering.

“iD22 brings together many of the things that people love about Audient into one inexpensive unit. Everyone needs mic pres, conversion and monitoring and nearly everyone is connecting to a computer’, says Audient’s sales and marketing director, Luke Baldry. “The Class A mic pres used are exactly what you’ll find in our stand-alone units and consoles and the best you’ll find in any interface. What’s great is this interface has a similar price tag to a pair of decent mic pres, while offering an awful lot more.’

In addition to the preamps, iD22 boasts an impressive feature-set, including:

• 2 Pristine high dynamic range AD converters with excellent linearity, detail and resolution;

• 6 Pristine high dynamic range DA converters with impeccable details;

• Main stereo output for critical listening with fully balanced outputs;

• Alt stereo output for alternative loudspeakers & cue mixes

• Headphone amplifier with independent DA converter

• 1 Optical I/O – 8ch ADAT or 2ch S/PDIF operation

• 3 Programmable function keys (F1-F3) to facilitate control over talkback, loudspeaker switching, sum to mono, polarity reverse and cue solo listen.

“You can expand iD22 via ADAT so you could attach an ASP008 for example, giving you an incredible 22 channels,’ continues Luke. “What you get for your money with this unit can’t be faulted.’

A strong lead-up campaign on Audient’s social media channels has caught the attention of Facebook followers who were given clues as to the iDentity of company’s latest offering prior to the Frankfurt trade show, and fans are promised more exclusive ‘firsts’ in the coming months.