Everything about the latest the latest ASP4816 console from Audient impresses Osean Studio owner, Sebastien Angrand. As the first user in the world to use the console, Angrand is delighted to have the Audient ASP4816 in his Bamberg studios.

“I was looking for a console with minimal power consumption but most important, an excellent sound. It had to be compact, new, clean, clear and easy to use. I bought the ASP4816 and now I have everything I need. The sound quality is amazing. You can really focus on the important element of a song,’ explains Angrand.

Taking many design cues from the ASP8024, the compact analogue recording console has the same input and monitor design in a smaller frame size.

“The stereo compressor makes me very happy and the preamps work beautifully. They are very transparent and an excellent response from what you hear at source. A snare sounds like a snare, a guitar like a guitar – and all this without using EQs. The EQs are very precise and react very fast. This console has not only changed the way I record and mix, but also the way I hear the music I compose, arrange, mix and record,’ concludes Angrand.

Full details about Angrand, his work and recording studio can be found http://www.seangrand.com/