Audio instruments and effects for software platforms developer FXpansion recently
announced the availability of BFD Horsepower — the latest addition to its ever-
increasing library of expansion packs for its award-winning BFD3 evolved acoustic
drum software, this time focusing on an authentic selection of mix-ready,
Americana-style drum sounds suited to a variety of genres, ranging from blues and
alt-country to garage rock and folk — as of March 31.

As implied by name, BFD3 is the third generation of FXpansion’s flagship software
acoustic drum studio for Mac (OS X 10.6.8 or higher) and Windows (7 or higher)
with 32- and 64-bit support for AAX, AU, RTAS, and VST plug-in formats, as well as
a standalone version. As a 55 GB full installation, BFD3 brings about new levels of
realism and groundbreaking features in an intuitive, redesigned engine to deliver
uncompromising detail with stunning new kits, mix-ready pre-sets, and modelling
technology for tom resonance and cymbals. Containing a powerful, built-in
environment for pattern creation and editing, BFD3 comes complete with a range of
performances by distinguished drummers recorded in two locations by esteemed
engineers for effortless production of drum tracks indistinguishable from the real

As the latest addition to its ever-increasing library of expansion packs built on an
already-successful platform, BFD Horsepower boosts BFD’s breathtaking percussive
palette still further as a 48 GB full installation — thanks to an authentic selection of
mix-ready, Americana-style drum sounds, helping to make it the most flexible and
feature-packed drum solution available.

Delving deeper, BFD Horsepower’s stick and brush kits are presented in two distinct
processing styles alongside an unprocessed version. The result is a total of six kits,
instantly usable and inspiring in varied production and songwriting settings, with
high levels of detail for maximum playability with electronic drums.

The personality of those Americana-style sounds stem from drum treatment, mic
and processing techniques. Warm ribbon mic room ambience is accompanied by
several “character’ channels with saturated vintage tones, custom plate processing,
and even a unique trash can mic for lo-fi dirt. Snares were damped with paper and
tea towels with the rest of the kit left untreated and tuned to the room for an open
and vibrant sound that effortlessly slots into the user’s own music mixes.

Maintains Grammy-nominated recording engineer and BFD3 content producer Rail
Jon Rogut: “When recording drums for BFD3 we hire a great studio, a great
engineer, great drummer, and — most importantly — great drums, and a great
drum tech. We have them tune the drums impeccably. We get really well-tracked
drums, and they’re compressed and EQ’d. You just have to load them up, and —
with maybe some minor changes to fit your particular track — these will sound
great right away.’

And BFD Horsepower is no exception to this FXpansion recording rule with its
Gretsch USA Custom kit with three toms, Gretsch snare (with snares on and off),
Sabian hats, and Sildjian cymbals all getting great-sounding content production
treatment to put users into instant Americana nirvana… now anyone can have great-
sounding drums designed for altcountry, blues, garage rock, and more — and all
without having to go to great lengths of professionally recording them themselves
at great expense. Expand your BFD3 percussive palette with BFD Horsepower here
and now.