PUKfm, the radio station for North-West University’s Potchefstroom campus, has
selected the Studer by HARMAN OnAir 1500 digital mixing console to upgrade its
broadcast studio. Student DJs use the console to host shows from a small studio
space, and the OnAir 1500 provides them with the upgraded functionality and
reliability they required as well as an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and

The station was looking to replace an older analog console and needed to ensure
that the digital solution they chose would be compatible with future technology
upgrades. The OnAir 1500 has given PUKfm more advanced built-in audio
processing and many powerful features and functionality to meet the station’s
immediate needs. The console’s input/output (I/O) density, integrated USB playback
and recording capabilities have been especially useful for students producing radio

Chris Grant, CEO of local integration company NetDynamix Broadcast Services, has
extensive experience with a range of products from HARMAN Professional Solutions.
As a longtime Studer installer and user, he felt confident the OnAir 1500 was the
right fit for the university.

According to Grant, the school wanted a console that was fast to install and easy for
non-engineers to learn, while also producing the best sonic quality. They also
emphasized the need for a console that could improve day-to-day operations, be
extremely reliable and provide strong local technical support. For Grant, Studer met
all of these needs and more.

“This project was more of a digital upgrade rather than a full-blown rebuild,’ Grant
said. “Nevertheless, the station wanted to prepare for any possible enhancements
they might undertake in the future. The OnAir 1500 is now the foundation for any
additional technology upgrades.’

The school’s technical staff became comfortable working with the new digital
console very quickly. The students have found it easy to configure and operate as

NetDynamix Broadcast Services is proud to be aligned with HARMAN Professional
Solutions through local South African distributor Wild & Marr. “Wild & Marr gives us
amazing support and makes the sales, service and warranty processes very
simple,’ Grant said. “They bring huge value to us as an integrator and are one of
the many reasons we continue to depend on HARMAN Professional Solutions to meet
and exceed our clients’ expectations.’