Roland Systems Group (RSG) has confirmed that it will now provide multi-channel REAC recording via SONAR Essentials to registered users of their popular V-Mixer consoles. This multi-track recording package utilizes the latest V2.0 REAC driver running on Windows 7 and 8. Simply connect a Cat5/6e cable from a V-Mixer Console or split port to the PC’s network port and capture up to 40 channels of audio directly.

REAC is the Ethernet audio protocol developed by Roland, capable of transmitting 40×40 channels of 24-bit audio at rates up to 96 kHz over inexpensive Cat5e/6 cable. REAC is implemented in Roland’s Pro Audio brand products, including the Digital Snake series, the V-Mixer Consoles, M-48 Personal Mixing System and R-1000 Multi-Channel recording and playback unit.

SONAR Essentials will be available to new and current users of the M-480, M-300 and M-200i V-Mixer consoles, and requires online registration. Once registration is confirmed, users will be sent the necessary download links as well as the opportunity to learn more about other live recording solutions Roland Systems Group provides.

This basic recording solution expands RSG’s current multi-channel recording options that include the R-1000, an intuitive stand alone, dedicated recorder/player designed to work with the V-Mixing System in any live event or production.

The popular R-1000 is used as a recorder for live events to capture up to 48 channels of discrete audio all as separate broadcast wave files ready to open in a DAW of choice.
As a playback device it can be used in live events to play back selected channels to augment a live performance or as a multi-channel playback deck in a theater or amusement park application.

The R-1000 is also used as a powerful solution for virtual rehearsals and sound checks. It is used as a training tool, and it greatly reduces sound check time for bands/productions travelling from venue to venue. In playback mode, songs recorded on the R-1000 songs can be played back through the appropriate channels on the console allowing you to adjust the preamp gains on the console as you would if the band were live. The R-1000 takes care of the gain compensation, and then you adjust compression, EQ, monitors, and effects. When the band takes the stage it will sound the way it did during the virtual sound check.