The audio professional Sennheiser has announced the availability of its Dante card for EM 9046 receiver, thus allowing the top of the range Digital 9000 wireless microphone system to be fused into Dante audio-over-IP networks.

Dante is the digital audio networking solution of choice for over 155 professional audio manufacturers globally in the broadcast, live sound, commercial, installed and conferencing markets. It works with current network infrastructure using IP and Ethernet standards and offers hundreds of channels of high-quality audio.

Broadcast and live audio engineers can now simply blend Sennheiser’s wireless microphone system into a Dante network, with the EM 9046 DAN extension card.

The system works by inserting the EM 9046 DAN extension card into the expansion slot of the EM 9046 eight-channel receiver. The card works with sampling rates of 44.1/48/88.2 and 96 kHz at a resolution of 24 bits and features sixteen audio inputs to send the digital audio and command signals over the Dante network and connection is via two Gbit RJ45 sockets.

Engineers are now also able to scan just a 24 MHz portion of the spectrum instead of the entire booster range of 168 MHz. This increases speed in critical frequency situations.

Sennheiser has adapted its Wireless Systems Manager software to include a monitoring function for the Dante card. The new version 4.2 allows users to monitor the EM 9046’s Dante audio streams from any point in the network, and to listen to the headphone monitor audio stream of connected EM 9046 receivers without any additional hardware.