Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional digital and analogue consoles, is proud to present a new addition to its hugely successful AWS series consoles. Originally launched in 2004, the AWS reinvented the professional production console by combining classic SSL’s SuperAnalogue console technology with comprehensive DAW control hardware in a single work surface. Hundreds of consoles later, SSL is proud to introduce the new AWS 916.

The AWS 916 has been designed to bring the features and benefits of the AWS range to a much wider audience and is perfect for private and commercial studios and educators. The AWS 916 offers identical functionality to the AWS 924 with the only difference being that the frame is loaded with 16 channels instead of 24. With an eye to the future, the AWS is expandable to full AWS 924 specifications by the addition of an eight-channel upgrade package available separately.

“At £35,000 ($52,500 US), the 16-fader variant of the AWS is ideally placed to accommodate both the operational and financial requirements of the music professional,’ comments Piers Plaskitt, SSL’s Group Commercial Director. “Additionally, not everyone has the processing requirements of our larger format consoles and find that 16 channels of SSL SuperAnalogue are more than enough for their needs. When you add in the elegant DAW integration, it is hard to find anything else in the marketplace that comes close.’

Utilising the same well-established 24-fader footprint, the new AWS 916 delivers pristine SuperAnalogue™ summing, 16 ultra-clean SSL SuperAnalogue mic pre’s, classic SSL dual-curve EQ on every channel, two assignable SSL Dynamics processors, legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, TotalRecall™ and full 5.1 monitoring. In addition to on-board classic SSL automation, the AWS 916 also features the acclaimed A-FADA system, with motorised analogue faders that follow DAW automation data.

Additionally, the AWS 916 features Ethernet connectivity for streamlined hardware control over your entire DAW environment. The AWS delivers elegant, ergonomic physical control over your entire studio environment, with dedicated heavy-duty DAW transport, V-Pot multifunction encoders with position indicating LEDs and digital scribble strips. It also boasts a DAW fader mode, global and channel routing controls and built-in TFT display for advanced plug-in control. Project session management is kept simple through SSL’s proprietary Logictivity interface.

The AWS is an SSL SuperAnalogue console, featuring the audio performance specifications that have established the benchmarks by which other manufacturers are measured. Exceptionally low THD, noise floor and crosstalk levels keep your audio absolutely pristine, while our legendary headroom carries every nuance of your audio and allows engineers to mix “hotter’ without distortion.