Specialist British loudspeaker drive unit and complete sound reproduction system
manufacturer ATC is proud to announce that Goldfrapp synth whizz Will Gregory
turned to London based ATC dealer Funky Junk to supplement his trusty Nineties-
vintage SCM20 passive monitors with an altogether more modern SCM25A Pro
three-way active studio pairing, promptly put to good use when working on the
multiple Grammy®-nominated British electronic duo’s recently released seventh
studio album, Silver Eye…

But before finding critical acclaim and international chart success with vocalist
Alison Goldfrapp — Supernature sold over one million copies as Goldfrapp’s third
album (featuring striking smash hit “Ooh La La’), the Bristol-born multi-talented
composer, keyboardist, and producer predominantly recorded and toured
throughout the Eighties with Bath-based rock/pop phenomenon Tears For Fears and
later performed with other big name “local’ acts, including singer-
songwriter/humanitarian activist Peter Gabriel and trip-hop pioneers Portishead. It
was around this time that Will Gregory began a lifelong love affair with those trusty
two-way passives, playing their part in putting him on the road to Goldfrapp glory.

Problems have, however, occurred — albeit as far as Will Gregory’s well-honed
listening skills are concerned — when stepping outside his ATC comfort zone: “I’ve
had to mix on other speakers when working elsewhere, but then when I play those
mixes back on the SCM20s I end up making more changes — put it that way.
Whatever else I play them on after I’ve made those changes, I don’t want to make
any more changes, so — in that sense — you can trust them to be accurate.’

All of which rather begs the question: why the need to move on up to ATC’s
acclaimed SCM25A Pro three-way actives? An answer lies somewhat closer to
home. Home is where the heart is, after all, and home for Will Gregory is a
spacious Sixties bungalow also housing his primary studio setup (as well as a synth-
based room and another room dedicated to analogue drum sounds and tape
manipulation). Here he hunkered down for the best part of two years to work on the
new Goldfrapp album, announced on Twitter by Alison Goldfrapp herself back in July
2015. While Will Gregory has not entirely forsaken his passive pair of beloved
SCM20s, the larger SCM25A Pro three-way active studio monitors met with his
approval in more ways than one: “What’s good about the SCM25A Pros is that
they’re more muscular; they’ve got more bass end, and you can control that
because they’ve got ports on the side, so you can decide how much or little you
want, which is great. I love the totally practical, physical way that you can just
remove or insert the bungs to change the bass, but, either way, they fill the room
much better than the SCM20s.’

Invaluable for referencing that all-important bass end on Goldfrapp’s eagerly-
awaited seventh studio album, about which the dynamic duo themselves collectively
commented: “Silver Eye belongs more to the electronic world of Supernature and
Black Cherry. We’ve worked with some fantastic people on this album and we’re
really excited to share it with you.’