Aurora Multimedia introduced three new DXM matrix card cage switchers to its
Digital Xtreme product family. Comprised of the DXM-88-G3 8×8, DXM-1616-G3
16×16, and the DXM-3232-G3 32×32 card-cage matrix systems, the new line adds
capabilities such as 4K content delivery, QXT touch panel control, and the
integration of a 1G network switch.

The new 4K devices facilitate the selection, control, and delivery of any digital
content, providing powerful capabilities for businesses and venues.
In addition to the updated 4K, the units introduce new features such as the
integration of Aurora Multimedia’s QXT touch panel control engine as the devices’
main interface. Increasing ease-of-use, the units’ front panels now house the new
QXT-700 touch panel, offering control for matrix capabilities in addition to full
system control by adding IP, RS232, IR, relays, and DIO ports directly onto the

Further major updates include the addition of an embedded 1G network switch —
allowing Ethernet to pass directly over HDBaseT™ inputs and outputs —
streamlining wiring infrastructure throughout any facility. To simplify the installation
process even further, the DXM-G3 system also provides Power over HDBaseT (PoH)
for all Aurora Multimedia HDBaseT peripherals — HDBaseT Wall plates and
Receivers — as well as audio breakaway switching for complete flexibility within
multizone audio setups.

To offer the ultimate A/V facility management options, Aurora Multimedia’s third
generation of card cages also provides DXM-G3 frame scaling to fit any application
— providing customers with three frame sizes as well as the ability to partially fill
frames to meet particular job requirements and lower costs. In addition, the devices
offer a multitude of I/O card combinations such as four-channel HDMI®, HDBaseT,
Fiber, and SDI.