With the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) 7.5, Bosch has expanded its
range of VMS software with the introduction of the BVMS 7.5 Viewer – a new variant
aimed at small and medium-sized applications. This entry-level and free of charge
version of Bosch’s existing Video Management System enables small business
owners to view multiple live video streams of their surveillance cameras in high
resolution from their computer screen. It also allows replaying recorded videos, and
carrying out forensic searches of video recordings.

The BVMS 7.5 Viewer is particularly easy to install and use and can be downloaded
free from the Bosch website. To access live and recorded video only two
configuration steps are necessary: Firstly, users assign their selected devices to the
system, and then simply organize and cluster them as needed.

Thanks to the software’s motion and forensic search function, even a huge recording
database can be scanned for a specific event within seconds. The rules for the
search are easily definable via a graphical user interface and can be changed even
after an event. For example, once a theft occurs, a store’s security manager can
easily define a specific perimeter, meaning the area or even a specific shelf in the
store from where the item was stolen. The video database can then be very quickly
scanned for any suspicious activity that occurred within that perimeter. The BVMS
7.5 Viewer will deliver the section of the video recording showing that particular
event to the user’s desktop or notebook screen within seconds, so there is no need
to watch hours of recordings trying to find the exact moment when the object was
removed from the shelf.

BVMS 7.5 Viewer is a scalable solution for Windows-based operating systems. It
supports all Bosch video products and grows with the user’s needs.

The free version it supports up to 16 video cameras and five recording devices, in
up to 16 different locations. If more sites or enhanced features are required, it can
easily be upgraded to a fee-based solution to include further functions and support
up to 10,000 sites, reusing the existing configuration, and with the same look and
feel so that no further operator training is required.