The Denver Centre for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is truly unlike any other
production company in the United States. The DCPA is the nation’s largest non-profit
theatre organization and was founded in 1972 by Broadway producer Donald
Seawell who, now at 103 years old, can still be found in his office most days. The
DCPA is home to six theatres, all located at the massive Denver Performing Arts
Complex, with another theatre across the street at the Newman Centre for Theatre
Education. Looking to add a new digital console in anticipation of an original
production called The 12, the DCPA recently purchased a 32-fader HARMAN Studer
Vista 1 digital audio mixer.

The 12 is a rock musical that follows the 12 disciples as they wrestle with fear,
uncertainty, anger and love in the days after their Teacher’s death. The 12 was held
in the 770-seat Stage Theatre, which put the Vista 1 to the test as the front of
house console.

The Vista 1 is a compact, all-in-one digital console, with the control surface, I/O
system, DSP and power supplies all contained within the board. It is equipped with
Studer’s exclusive Vistonics™ user interface and Vista control surface, plus 32
mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs and Multi Mode MADI. An additional Dual MADI card
is available for remote stage boxes.

“The 12 required more sound support than is usually required for our productions,
and was designed by Zach Williamson,’ said John Pryor, Director of Sound for the
Theatre Company division of the DCPA. “Zach has worked with Studer in the past
and wanted to design the show on a Studer console, so he encouraged us to
purchase the Vista 1. But we also listened to the advice of several other colleagues
in the industry who recommended Studer and we purchased the Vista on the on
strength of a product demo given to us by [Studer US Sales Director] Rob Lewis.’

The 12 was a resounding success and the Vista 1’s performance gave Pryor and his
team the confidence to continue working with the console, with an eye on possibly
adding more Studer equipment in the future.

“The opening went very well and we are entirely pleased with the Vista 1,’ Pryor
noted. “We are considering the purchase of two more Vista consoles over the next
two years, replacing our legacy analog consoles in each of our primary theatres.’