Harbinger, a provider of powerful, affordable sound-reinforcement solutions,
introduces the L2404FX-USB compact analog mixer, the newest member of its
popular LvL series. Designed for both live sound and recording and packed with
professional features not often found in this price class, the 24-channel mixer offers
outstanding sound quality, flexible routing, built-in effects, and USB recording.

A versatile complement of inputs and outputs enables the L2404FX-USB to accept
signals from virtually any analog source. The mono channels feature XLR
microphone inputs, balanced ¼-inch line inputs, and insert points. Stereo channels
9/10 and 11/12 include balanced XLR mic and ¼-inch line inputs, while channels
13/14 and 15/16 offer ¼-inch line inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs for connection
to a media player or external recording device. The main L/R outputs are on XLR
connectors. You also get eight ¼-inch direct outputs.

Each channel includes an input-gain trim, a dedicated 60 mm fader, pan/balance,
mute, and solo, with globally switchable AFL/PFL solo. Signal processing is
generous, including a single-knob compressor with LED indicator, a high-pass filter
(set at 75 Hz), and 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange on every mono channel.
Each stereo channel is equipped with a 4-band, fixed-frequency EQ with variable
level, and two of the stereo channels include a high-pass filter. You also get a
studio-grade, 24-bit stereo digital effects processor on the main L/R mix, with
Parameter Edit, Tap Tempo, and optional footswitch control.

Routing and recording are also strengths. The L2404FX-USB provides four subgroup
buses with dedicated faders, two post-fader aux buses, two aux buses that are
switchable pre/post fader, and four aux returns. Control room outputs let you easily
integrate the L2404FX-USB into your studio, and a USB port enables recording the
main L/R mix to a computer. You’ll have no problem monitoring your levels, thanks
to a pair of 15-segment LED ladders for the main L/R mix and Clip and Mute LEDs
on each channel.

Whether tracking a drum set, playing local clubs, rehearsing, or mixing your latest
masterpiece, the L2404FX-USB mixer has the flexibility and audio tools to handle
the job with aplomb.

The Harbinger L2404FX-USB is available now in stores and online, with a street
price of $399.99.