With a wide range of Secured KVM Combiners, Kramer offers secure, simultaneous
interaction between multiple displays and multiple sources with different security
levels for Command & Control applications such as air traffic control, border
control, electricity grids, gas distribution, and smart buildings.

Enable secure, simultaneous use of up to 6 computers on a single display — an
essential tool for heavy-duty users who frequently switch between isolated
networks using shared USB, keyboard, mouse, video, and audio peripherals.

Secure KVM Combiner Highlights:

Highest Security by Design
Common Criteria EAL 4+ approved, compatible with NIAP security requirements.
The KVM Combiner provides complete isolation between source computers,
protecting against data leakage.

Flexible Screen Layout Options
Tile and scale modes let users resize source scaling and aspect ratios to create
custom layouts for multiple sources on the same screen.

Native Touch Screen Support
Touch screen support allows interacting with all connected computers using touch
screen gestures.

User-Friendly Virtual Display Technology (VDT)
VDT enables seamless cursor and keyboard switching between connected computers
and across multiple displays by simply moving the mouse across neighbouring

Combiner Cascading
Cascade combiners to view and control up to 36 sources on a single display, using
one keyboard/video/mouse/audio setup. Expand any source to full screen.

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