L-Acoustics recently announced that the LA12X amplified controller is the first L-
Acoustics product to receive Avnu certification, the LA4X will also receive
certification in the coming weeks. A member of the Avnu Alliance since 2015, L-
Acoustics has committed its development resources to open standard AVB
technology, which streamlines network infrastructure by combining audio signal
transmission with system control and monitoring.

The Avnu-certified LA12X and LA4X amplified controllers include built-in AVB bridge
functionality, reducing the need for additional costly networking equipment and
facilitating set-up and interoperability of systems. Together, they are the first Avnu-
certified amplified controllers to be launched with both Bridge and Listener
technology. To accompany LA12X and LA4X, LA Network Manager software is also
updated with an AVB controller, which eases connection with other systems and
integrates seamlessly via an easy and natural user interface.

“We’re proud to be the first manufacturer to provide a combined AVB bridge and
listener capacity with our flagship amplified controllers,’ said Genio Kronauer,
director of electronics at L-Acoustics. “Enabled by our membership in Avnu Alliance,
we have implemented AVB technology and certified it for interoperability and
compliance, which ensures our products are future-proof and increases the value of
our partners’ investments in L-Acoustics systems. By participating in an open
community like Avnu, we also have a voice in the advancement of the technologies
for our industry.’

The amplified controllers with new AVB-enabled firmware are currently in a pilot
phase with select L-Acoustics partners and will be rolled out widely this spring. All
LA4X amplified controllers manufactured since June 2015 and all LA12X ship AVB-
ready, which means that L-Acoustics partners will benefit from AVB via a simple
firmware update. LA4X manufactured before June 2015 will require an updated DSP
card, available through L-Acoustics’ service team.

“We are excited to have L-Acoustics products join the Avnu-certified ecosystem,’
said Avnu Alliance President, Gary Stuebing. “Avnu certification ensures a
combination of features and ease of use that will offer tremendous benefits to
integrators who want to easily integrate powerful, cost-effective networked audio