Matrox® Graphics Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Matrox MuraControl 5.0 for Windows® video wall management software. This major update supports all combinations of Matrox’s full portfolio of video wall components while adding the dynamic enabling of relevant hardware capabilities when working with differing video wall products.

MuraControl for Windows now permits a wider range of configuration arrangements including multiple Mura MPX and Mura IPX capture cards to power high-density video walls of up to 56 outputs and many more physical and networked inputs. The video wall management software can also support up to two C680 six-output, C900 nine-output, or third-party graphics cards plus Mura IPX cards to drive low-cost, up-to-18-monitor Windows and Linux based video wall controllers with 4K capture and IP encode & decode functionality.

The new “capabilities’ feature of MuraControl for Windows further enhances this broad compatibility; when connecting to video wall systems of differing components, MuraControl dynamically detects and adjusts to the functionalities of said systems. For example, when connecting to a Matrox Mura IPX multiviewer, the MuraControl for Windows graphical interface will enable the full decoding functionally of the card.

Likewise, when connecting to a C-Series video wall, the processing capabilities of the C-Series card will be available as options, and any non-relevant features (e.g. encoding/decoding) will be dynamically disabled in the graphical interface.

“We wanted MuraControl to work for users across any combination of video wall controllers and multiviewers needed in the world of immersive AV and video walls,’ said Fadhl Al-Bayaty, product manager, Matrox Graphics. “Flexibility in terms of components and device capabilities means users will be better able to work with the devices they want in the configurations they need.’

Matrox MuraControl software provides users an intuitive platform to manage their video walls for digital signage, corporate and control room applications. The feature-rich software runs either locally or remotely, giving operators a way to manage their video wall content and layouts in real time.