NEC Display Solutions Europe has unveiled the most compact DCI-certified digital cinema projector on the market, the NC900C, specially designed for smaller cinema screens.

The NC900C builds on NEC’s experience and heritage in the digital cinema industry, being the first projector to incorporate the new S2K chipset from Texas Instruments. Perfect for small cinema screens, art houses and mobile cinemas, as well as cinemas in universities and public buildings, the projector can render a screen with a width of up to 9m in DCI specifications and 1.8 Gain screen.

The NC900C delivers a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) through innovative features. For instance, it is the first dual easy-lamp digital cinema projector on the market, providing added reliability by showing no black-screen, and easy lamp exchange and easy transportation.

Measuring 621 x 798 x 314mm (t.b.d) the NC900C weighs in at just 43kg (t.b.d) and can be floor or ceiling mounted. Furthermore, with no exhaust and an integrated lamp power supply, easy installation is assured. A variety of lenses will also be available, including motorised zoom, focus and shift options, all easily switched using a bayonet mount system.

As well as delivering excellent performance in small spaces, the NC900C provides added flexibility with 3D and high frame rate support. IMB and screen server with SMS are also integrated.

Input is handled via a wide array of connectivity options, including an HDMI 1.4a connector (based on the HDMI certificate application) and two HDSDI 3G interfaces for alternative content, as well as two Gigabit Ethernet jacks. Content can be provided over the network and stored on an integrated RAID 5 server system with a net capacity of 1.5TB.

The same IMS will be also available for all current NEC Digital Cinema projectors.
“The NC900C delivers excellent TCO and provides the perfect answer to those situations where current digital cinema projectors are too bulky or are too costly, making it a great option for smaller cinemas and pop-up theatres,” said Gerd Kaiser, Product Line Manager for Large Venue Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe.
“By implementing Texas Instrument’s S2K chipset and our innovative easy-lamp system, we can facilitate the transition to high-end digital cinema by creating a solution for smaller, regional or rural screens that have so far been unable to adopt or afford the standard DLP Cinema solutions.”

NEC will also be partnering with digital video server provider Doremi to deliver a one stop solution of one manufacturer with a fully integrated, true turnkey cinema solution. This provides an end-to-end worry-free solution for theatres desiring to join the digital cinema revolution.

The NEC NC900C is expected to be available from November 2012.