Extron Electronics now have the IN1604 DTP available, which is an HDCP-
compliant scaler with three HDMI inputs, a universal analog video input, and a
DTP output, in a compact 1U, half rack enclosure.

The IN1604 DTP is ideal for installation beneath conference tables and in
lecterns to provide localised switching support for sources such as presenter
devices, as well as signal extension up to 100 metres over shielded CATx cable
to reach a wall or ceiling-mounted display. The IN1604 DTP provides the
convenience of fast and reliable switching, along with a high performance scaling
engine for HDMI and analog video sources. The IN1604 DTP also includes a host
of audio processing features and many versatile options for control.

“The IN1604 DTP lends itself well to conference room applications or
collaboration systems, with a compact enclosure that can be mounted
inconspicuously under a conference room table or in a lectern to support multiple
guest laptops or tablets, and built-in DTP extension that simplifies integration of
the display,’ says Casey Hall, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Extron.
“The scaler delivers high performance and a compelling feature set with the core
capabilities of the Extron professional grade presentation switchers, but in a
smaller form factor.’

The IN1604 DTP includes a DTP twisted pair output that can be used to extend
video, audio, and control to a DTP receiver behind a flat-panel display on a wall
or above a ceiling-mounted projector, with the receiver powered over the same
shielded CATx cable. Integrators can choose from a complete line of DTP 230
receivers for signal extension up to 70 metres or DTP 330 receivers for signal
extension up to 100 metres, to accommodate distance requirements of specific
applications. The DTP output can also be used for sending video and embedded
audio, plus bidirectional control signals to any HDBaseT-enabled display. The
IN1604 DTP features an advanced scaling engine that can scale HDMI and
analog video signals to a common high resolution output. It provides high
performance 1080i deinterlacing and deep colour processing to deliver optimal
image quality. With Extron EDID Minder, Key Minder, and SpeedSwitch,
integrators can easily connect sources and a display with plug-and-play
simplicity, automatic device negotiation, and nearly instantaneous switching.

The IN1604 DTP delivers essential audio integration capabilities that include
HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding, flexible audio switching with two
individually assignable analog audio inputs, switching transitions, gain and
attenuation adjustments for each analog input, output volume control, and
selectable audio muting. The IN1604 DTP also features convenient options for
remote control and operation, including front panel controls and on-screen
menus, USB, RS-232, and contact closure with tally output for easy integration
into a variety of environments.