Global flightcase and loudspeaker component manufacturer Penn Elcom launches a
tough new low-noise 3U heat extraction unit which can be fitted to the front or back
of any 19 inch racking unit … to quickly, efficiently – and silently – suck the heat out
of an enclosure.

This is great news for any environment e.g. conference and presentation spaces,
theatres, concert halls, lectures theatres, interactive AV displays, boardrooms and
demonstration facilities, etc. utilizing AV equipment … where noise is a potential
issue, distraction or annoyance.

Penn’s R “n’ D team has pooled its vast experience and practical knowledge of the
racking market and produced an ultimate and well-engineered solution.

The versatile FP02-Q-3U fan unit emits 22.5 dB(A) – with a Sone (loudness) value of
0.3 – and can be fitted to any existing 19 inch racking unlit. At the top is the
optimum position as the heat rises … and will be extracted most efficiently.

The two 9-bladed fans measure 120 mm, and each fan unit can be controlled by a
CRC-TEMP thermal sensor accessory plugged into the Temp socket on the front. This
is set to operate at 40 degrees C and will re-set at 30 degrees C plus or minus 2

Using a neat acrylic adhesive pad, the sensor can be attached to an area where it
will best detect the overall ambient temperature of the equipment being cooled –
rather than directly to the main heat source.

The lifespan of the Swiss-designed fans has been further extended – by at least 5
times that of a standard fan – with the use of robust Japanese dual ball-bearing
brushes and high precision lubricants, which facilitates continuous rotation 24/7 with
no compromises.

Dust, smoke / fog, other detritus, high temperatures and other contamination has
less effect than when using standard bearings, so the product is super-reliable and
ideal for “fit-and-forget’ scenarios and installations.

A DC to DC link socket is provided allowing two or more FP02-Q-3U units to be
linked together (for which a higher powered PSU must be used) and as standard it
is supplied with a worldwide universal 500mA / 12 Volt power supply to run both

A washable dust filter is also available as an accessory.

The FP02-Q-3U is light in weight at 1.5 Kgs and the fluid bearings have a 2 year

As with all Penn Elcom products it has been quality designed and built to last and
withstand the harshest operating conditions, making it a cost-effective and sensible